Bodie Hodges Foundation

Bodie Hodges Foundation

We are a family who following the death of our beautiful 10-month-old son, Bodie, wanted to offer support to other bereaved families.  We were fortunate enough to be given time away from home to spend time as a family and to show our daughter that life would somehow continue and that out of tragedy comes hope.  The Bodie Hodges Foundation was formed in 2012, to support families who have been bereaved of a child of any age and to promote organ donation.

As a foundation, we want to be able to provide a safe and luxurious place that families can retreat to and spend time together after the death of their child. We consider Bodie’s Boathouse as being very important for siblings who are dealing with their own grief, as well as watching their parents and loved ones grieve too.  Everyone grieves differently and in their own way and so we have designed Bodie’s Boathouse to be a tranquil retreat and a place to explore and make memories.

We are very proud that Bodie could become an Organ Donor, giving hope and life to 4 other children.  As a foundation this is equally as  important to us  and we  campaign to encourage others to talk about Organ Donation and to sign the register.

In October 2016 we were delighted to officially open Bodie’s Boathouse.  Bodie’s Boathouse is a luxury, lakeside 3- bedroom retreat at Tallington Lakes in Lincolnshire.

Over the last five years The Bodie Hodges Foundation has grown and gathered many loyal supporters who have helped us to build Bodie’s legacy.  We are excited about the future of the foundation and continuing to achieve good things in Bodie’s name.

If you would like to run in support of The Bodie Hodges Foundation please get in touch via

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