Running Tips

Change it up

Change it up As humans are creatures of habit, we tend to run the same route day in, day out. Try to switch it up every now and then, even doing the same route but in reverse, as running the same route puts the same stresses on your body every time you do it. By doing it in reverse, the stresses are placed on the opposite leg, balancing it out!

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Find out about your feet

Find out about your feet See an expert and have a foot MOT! Podiatrists are able to see how efficiently you run just by looking at your running trainers – by looking at the wear on the soles they will be able to tell if your feet roll inwards or outwards when you run. Once you know this, you’ll be able to buy your shoes in order to correct any imbalances, or even...

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Eat to support your training

Eat to support your training Running takes a lot of energy, so it makes sense to put energy filled foods back into your body. Base your main meals around good carbohydrates, aiming to eat 70% carbohydrates, 15% proteins and 15% fat. You wouldn’t go on a long drive without making sure you had enough petrol, and the same should apply to your body – make sure you have...

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Drink up!

Drink up! Making sure you stay hydrated is of huge importance to your running. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, make sure you have plenty to drink, as the body has a poor thirst mechanism – often you’ll feel thirsty long after you become dehydrated. Even a 5% drop in hydration can cause your performance to suffer dramatically.  Drink water if your run is under 15...

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Make your diet work for your marathon training programme

Make your diet work for your marathon training programme. So you’ve got your training programme sorted; now is the time to think about your marathon training diet. It’s hard to know what will work best for you with such a wealth of contradictory information available, so here are our key ideas on how to design a diet plan to complement your programme. Remember that...

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Make sure you keep a training log

Make sure you keep a training log Writing down what training you’ve actually done quantifies your results. Even if you think you’re keeping track of your running in your head, once its written down you can actually see what you have to focus on, as well as showing you how much you’ve improved!

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