Got questions on this year’s Leicester Marathon? Look no further.

1. Where is the race arena? – The race arena, start and finish line are all based in Victoria Park, Leicester, LE1 7RU.  Parking is available nearby and Leicester Train Station is but a 15 minute walk away.

2. What time does the marathon start? –The Marathon, Half Marathon and the Cummins Relay Challenge all start together at 8:45am on Sunday October 14th 2018.

3. What time do I need to be at Victoria Park on the Day? – The park opens at 7am, and we would recommend that you aim to arrive at the latest one hour before the race starts.

4. When will I receive my race pack? Almost all runners will have their race packs posted out two weeks before the event. This will contain your bib number (with chip attached), along with all final details for the event. Any late entrants or international runners will need to collect their race packs between 10:00am and 2:00pm on Saturday 13th October (the day before the race) from The Phoenix Cinema, 4 Midland St, Leicester, LE1 1TG. Alternatively packs will also available for collection on the registration desk at Victoria Park from 7:30am onwards on the morning of the race. If you have lost your race pack please bring your initial confirmation email with you and we will be able to issue you with a spare.

5. Can I enter the race on the day? Unfortunately not. Online registration for the event will close at midnight on Sunday 7th October 2018, after which time no further entries will be permitted.

6. What happens if i get injured during training or am unable to run on the day? If you are unable to run and would like to defer your place until next year then you can do so by sending us an email to leicestermarathon@gmail.com. Deferrals are available up until Sunday 2nd September 2018. No deferrals will be accepted after this date. Alternatively you have the option of transferring your place to another runner at any time right up until October 7th 2018. You can do this by logging into your Results Base profile online and changing the owner of your place. For more info please follow this link which describes how to transfer your place to another runner.

7. What do I do when I arrive at Victoria Park? – On arrival if you have not already received your packs please go to registration to collect it, otherwise when you arrive you will need to deposit any baggage at our bag drop. Please note that we do not take any responsibility for valuables left at our bag drop facilities. You will then have time to warm up add your number to the front of your top, please note your race number must be worn by the person who has registered and must not be altered in any way. Please give yourself plenty of time before the race start at 8:45am to get through bag drop, go to the toilet and warm up.

8. Will there be water stations, toilets and gels available? – Water stations are provided every 3 miles, with gels available on the full marathon route from mile 9 onwards. Toilets are located at the start and finish, as well as at mile 6, mile 15 and mile 19.

9. I am coming by car will there be plenty of parking? – There is event parking available at selected university car parks, payable with a donation to LOROS Hospice. Numerous NCP car parks are also available nearby however we recommend car sharing or use of public transport wherever possible to reduce the number of cars coming into the city. Car parks will be well sign-posted.

10. How many runners will there be? – We will be expecting around 4,000 runners across the half marathon, marathon and relay events, plus of course plenty of spectators to cheer you through that last mile!

11. I want to come in fancy dress, is this allowed? – Yes, the more the merrier! When choosing your costume please bear in mind the race day weather conditions and appropriate fluid intake should your fancy dress layers leave you needing extra hydration.

12. What is the route? Check out our map for details of the route.

14. I have an old injury – what if I have problems half way around the course? – We will have full medical care/treatment available to all runners at the start, along the route, and at the finish. We take safety of our runners and volunteers very seriously. Medical cover will be provided by St John Ambulance.

15. How will I remember the route? – Unless you’re leading at the front this should not be a problem! The race route will be laid out clearly for the entrants with barriers, cones, mile markers and marshals and our team of trained volunteers. A lead vehicle / bike will remain at the front of the race, with a sweep at the rear. Don’t worry you won’t get lost. The main thing to watch out for is the half marathon / full marathon route split point shortly before mile 6. There will be plenty of signs and marshals to help you but in general half marathon runners turn left and marathon runners turn right.

16. Do you hand out copies of the route to runners/family/friends? – We will provide race day information for everyone prior to and during the event. The route map is available to view online.

17. I am quite a slow runner. What happens if i don’t finish or it takes me more than 6 hours? – The roads around the course unfortunately have to be re-opened at certain times. As such, anyone moving around the course at slower than six hour pace (that is slower than 4 miles an hour), may be asked to move over to the pavement and continue as a pedestrian on the path alongside the route..

18. Can I listen to music as I go around the course? – No, please leave your earphones at home. We consider it dangerous to wear headphones during the event. Should the emergency services need to pass you to reach a runner in distress then you will not be able to hear them or any instructions given by the marshals. In accordance with UKA ruling (read more here) any competitors seen with earphones in or covering their ears will be disqualified. Please note however that bone conductor head phones which do not sit in or over the ear, are permitted.

19. Can I bring my dog? – Unfortunately no you are not able to run with your dog in either the full, half or marathon relay.

20. Can I roller blade? Or can I walk? – Neither unfortunately. While we know that some people will walk for large chunks of the race, we cannot say is it OK to walk through the entire distance. Rollerblades are neither appropriate, nor safe and will not be permitted. Time limit of 6 hours applies.

21. What happens if the weather is bad? How will we know what to do? – We suggest that from five days out, you keep an eye on the weather forecast so that you have time to prepare all the correct running apparel; not only to run in, but to warm-up in before the race and to wear after the race. We work closely with local media, and information will be sent directly to them so that they can broadcast any relevant information. Check our website and Facebook page in the days and weeks before the event, and keep an eye out for any email updates.

22. What prizes are there for the winners? – There are trophies, prize money and gift for both male and female; 1st, 2nd, 3rd in the both the Full Marathon and Half Marathon distance. Cash prizes will also be awarded to male and female; 1st V40, 1st V50, 1st V60, and 1st V70.

Awards will be at 11am for the Half and approx. 12noon for the marathon.

23. What do we get at the finish line? – A massive feeling of achievement and a pat on the back from the Leicester Marathon team! Along with of course, your finishers medal, event T-Shirt, bottle of water, banana and goodie bag.

24. How will I get my results? – Please do not tamper with your number as you chip is attached.  When the gun goes for the start of the event your time is started. It stops when you cross the finish line. Your chip will record both your Gun Time and Chip time. The Gun Time will determine your official race position & time and all prizes, records and team results are based on this. Both times will appear on the website, and your chip time will count for any personal records or PB’s. Your bib number / chips are disposable after the race – unless of course you want to keep it as a memento.

25. What do I do if I am injured before the race and have to consider pulling out? – The basic advice for any mild injury or “niggle” is ‘r.i.c.e.’ ( rest, ice, compression, elevation), but this should not be relied upon for anything other than a slight sprain or ache. For any pain that persists, it is best to consult your local physio to have the injury properly diagnosed – and to prevent a reoccurrence of your injury. Make sure you prepare correctly for the marathon, as they say…. “Fail to prepare…prepare to fail!” You can transfer your place to another runner at any time up until 7th October 2018, however the deadline for deferrals is Sunday 2nd September.

26. Where are the hilly parts of the course (miles)? – There are no major climbs except at 15 miles where there is a sharp uphill and then a quick downhill. Other thank this there are only gradual inclines, up until the very last mile, where you have a steady mile uphill all the way up New Walk before turning right and heading back into the finish line in Victoria Park.

27. Is there a minimum age limit to take part? – Yes as per UK Athletics guidelines the minimum age limit for the half marathon is 17, whilst for the full marathon it is 18. The minimum age for the relay challenge is 17.

28. What if my question isn’t answered above? – Please direct any general enquiries to leicestermarathon@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Terms and conditions

I undertake to have completed sufficient training for the race, which I understand to be physically demanding. I believe that I am medically fit enough to complete the event. I am an amateur as deemed by UKA rules and will compete on foot at my own risk.

I understand a need to limit the race and that runners need to be capable of completing the Full Marathon in under 6 hours. Any runner not able to do this may be withdrawn from the race at the discretion of the race organisers. Any runner will then be classed as a pedestrian and will then be able to complete the remainder of the course by use of pavements.

I understand that the wearing of headphone will be banned during the race, this invalidates my entry and can lead to my disqualification of the race. I will wear my race number on the front of my running top and any alterations of the number may lead to my disqualification. I understand that the number is only to be worn by the person who has entered and it must not be passed on to anyone else. I give my consent to my photograph being taken, together with video and or media uploads on the World Wide Web, I also allow any imagery of myself to appear amongst publicity material.

Should my circumstances change and I am no longer able to attend the marathon then I will notify the organisers in advance of the event. I also understand that no refunds will be issued unless I apply within the 7 day distance selling law. Outside of this will be seen as a donation to supported charities.

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