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Perfect your running technique

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Perfect your running technique Finding the right technique is half the battle when it comes to marathon running. The two most important aspects are to keep a strong upright posture, but to stay relaxed whilst doing so, making it far easier to make the progress you want. Here are some tips on how best to enhance your technique in different parts of your body. Imagine you have a string tied to the top of your head and its pulling you upwards – this is how your head should be placed. Focus your eyes on a point around 30 metres away. Don’t let...

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Race day is almost here!

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The weather forecast for Sunday morning at 9am is sunning / cloudy with a high of 11 and a slight breeze.  Some would say that this is the perfect weather for running a 1/2 or full marathon. Let’s hope the weather forecast is accurate. But whatever the weather, have a great race and lets hope that all of your long hours of training pays off. Race packs. If you have entered, a race pack would have been sent out to you on Monday by first-class post, if you registered before Friday 16th October. If you entered AFTER this date your pack...

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On the big day…

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On the big day… Remember everything you’ve learnt from training – it’s really easy to get caught up and run faster than you intended. Try to stay straight as you go round corners, you will use far less energy. Pick someone who is running at the same pace as you and stay about four yards behind them, just in line with their shoulder. Like in cycling, this will create a slipstream, or hole in the air, in which you’ll be sucked along, saving you 10% more energy for the big finish!

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Tips to reach your fundraising goals

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Tips to reach your fundraising goals One of the biggest problems people can have when fundraising is not explaining your cause; people are far more likely to donate to a cause that they understand and empathise with. Let people know… What you are raising the money for – Specify what the charity is, what it does, and how their donation could help. Why the cause is significant – People will be far more likely to engage in the cause if they know why it is important to you, so let them know! What the deadline for donations is – By giving people...

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Top tips for marathon beginners

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Thinking of running a marathon for the first time?  Here are some top tips for marathon beginners Whether you’ve just started running, or have made the decision to enter the 2014 Leicester Marathon these are some useful starters to help you on your way. Here are our top tips for how to approach your training, maximising your development whilst minimising the risk of injury… Start by making sure you have the proper equipment. The right shoes are of upmost importance, so go to a running specialist who can prescribe the best shoe for your...

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How to train for a marathon as you get older

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How to train as you get older Whilst running is traditionally thought of as something only to be undertaken by younger generations, it is something that is increasingly being taken up by the over fifties, and is recommended by GP’s as an ideal way to get in shape . With approaches to training constantly developing, it is now as easy to start running in your fifties as it is in your teens or twenties. Before you begin, always go to see your GP, who can give you specific recommendations for your training. It may be that you have health issues...

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Change it up

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Change it up As humans are creatures of habit, we tend to run the same route day in, day out. Try to switch it up every now and then, even doing the same route but in reverse, as running the same route puts the same stresses on your body every time you do it. By doing it in reverse, the stresses are placed on the opposite leg, balancing it out!

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Find out about your feet

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Find out about your feet See an expert and have a foot MOT! Podiatrists are able to see how efficiently you run just by looking at your running trainers – by looking at the wear on the soles they will be able to tell if your feet roll inwards or outwards when you run. Once you know this, you’ll be able to buy your shoes in order to correct any imbalances, or even get hold of an insole that solves this issue.

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Eat to support your training

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Eat to support your training Running takes a lot of energy, so it makes sense to put energy filled foods back into your body. Base your main meals around good carbohydrates, aiming to eat 70% carbohydrates, 15% proteins and 15% fat. You wouldn’t go on a long drive without making sure you had enough petrol, and the same should apply to your body – make sure you have a snack 60 to 90 minutes before you start running to make sure you make the most of your training. Eat again as soon as you’ve run to get an immediate boost of...

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Drink up!

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Drink up! Making sure you stay hydrated is of huge importance to your running. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, make sure you have plenty to drink, as the body has a poor thirst mechanism – often you’ll feel thirsty long after you become dehydrated. Even a 5% drop in hydration can cause your performance to suffer dramatically.  Drink water if your run is under 15 miles and sports drinks if longer, and try to have a drink every 15 minutes of your run to maintain optimum hydration.

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