Tips to reach your fundraising goals

Tips to reach your fundraising goals

One of the biggest problems people can have when fundraising is not explaining your cause; people are far more likely to donate to a cause that they understand and empathise with. Let people know…

  • What you are raising the money for – Specify what the charity is, what it does, and how their donation could help.
  • Why the cause is significant – People will be far more likely to engage in the cause if they know why it is important to you, so let them know!
  • What the deadline for donations is – By giving people regular updates on when the marathon is, you will prompt them into action. Giving a specific deadline instead of an open ended suggestions will make them more likely to act quickly.
  • Why you’ve picked your fundraising goal – Let people know what their money could go towards, and how that could help others. People are far more likely to respond to a cause than a random figure.

Communicate with potential donors

  • After setting your fundraising target, it’s time to get it out in the open in order to attract as many donations as possible. Here are some ideas for how to capture those donations in a three week plan.

    Week one –

    Announce your cause online, sharing a link to your fundraising page so that people know exactly where to go to make a donation.  Post the link on all relevant social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn should all target different groups of people within your life. Consider emailing your close family and friends directly with a personal message, encouraging them to click through to your link. Consider posting and emailing on different days throughout the week, to ensure that the widest possible variety of people see the post.

    Week two –

    Write an email updating people on how your fundraising is going, and how many donations you have already received. Place the fundraising into context by updating people with regards to what you’re trying to achieve and why, as people are far more likely to support you and share your cause if they can engage with it.

    Request that your supporters share your link, so that your cause reaches beyond those who know you and would probably readily support you. Make sure that those who share your link are also sharing the context behind your fundraising, as again, people are more likely to engage with a real life story.

    Week three – Send your friends an update; let them know about any major donations and how far you are from your goal. If you don’t let them know whether their donation has helped you, you can’t really expect them to be motivated to donate in the future.






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