How to train for a marathon as you get older

How to train as you get older

Whilst running is traditionally thought of as something only to be undertaken by younger generations, it is something that is increasingly being taken up by the over fifties, and is recommended by GP’s as an ideal way to get in shape . With approaches to training constantly developing, it is now as easy to start running in your fifties as it is in your teens or twenties.

  • Before you begin, always go to see your GP, who can give you specific recommendations for your training. It may be that you have health issues that require you to adhere to a specific training style- for example, it might be necessary to ease into the activity with a walk-to-run program.
  • Consider trying out the NHS’s Couch to 5K campaign. This gives information on how best to ease into running through a nine week training program, integrating periods of walking and running, to gradually work up to a target distance of 5k.
  • Try adapting your running style so that you land on the ball of your foot rather than the heel, as the ball is able to better absorb the shock of your foots impact on the ground.
  • Attempt to integrate some alternative running styles into your training. An example of this is ‘Chi Running’ which encourages the runner to take shorter strides and leaning forward slightly, allowing for minimal stress upon the joints.

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